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Roland Berger is the only European player among the leading international strategy and management advisory firms. We bring a mix of consulting, technology and capital to offer our clients the maximum in added value. Whether companies, countries, institutions or entire communities, our clients are leaders in their fields. From strategic visions to restructuring, we provide services of the highest excellence.

May 3, 2016

Do we stay the course or do we withdraw? Do we invest or not? Should we find a partner? For the small biotech firm, these are questions of survival. Now responsible for 75% of the pharmaceutical sector's drug pipeline, drug development at the small biotech firm is a game of limited resources, a question of all or nothing.  >>

Mar 22, 2016

Growth in excess of 5% and not much concern over digital players like Google, PayPal or Apple: according to 118 consumer finance executives from 21 European countries, surveyed by Roland Berger and Eurofinas, the next two years look quite bright. But given the challenges in consumer finance – declining margins, tougher competition and the need to transform to a digital business model – it’s safe to say not all players will benefit from the opportunities ahead.  >>

Mar 10, 2016

Ondanks huidige economische situatie wereldwijd blijven de private equity-fondsen in de Benelux voorzichtig optimistisch over 2016. Ze verwachten dat hun activiteiten met 1,7% groeien. Hun prioriteit blijft het investeren in nieuwe bedrijven, maar daarnaast krijgt het verkopen van bedrijven uit hun portfolio de meeste aandacht.  >>

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